“Carmen’s way is to dig deep to help you figure out what you are truly looking for and help you create a realistic road-map to get there using very effective line of questioning. My experience was very motivating to pursue a career pivot in the near future to feel more fulfilled and bridge to my life goals.”

Senior Product Manager at Allergan

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“Carmen has a unique coaching ability which will guide you to find the answers which you realize were inside you all along, hidden beneath those layers created by society and situations and stress. She is like a sparring partner, helping you find your north star and feel the connection back to your true self.”

Founder and Reimagineer at Talent Works

“Carmen’s openness, her attentiveness and her non-judgmental and kind essence enabled me to gain access to my own truth and find more clarity concerning the steps I needed to take to live up to my full potential. Her self-reflection and her authenticity make her stand out from your average mainstream coach.”

Corporate Health Management at CSS Insurance

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