Coaching Programs

Focus on Yourself

Dream BIG and set BOLD goals! What would you do if you were not afraid? Be COURAGEOUS and make the CHANGES to transform your life!

Develop Relationships

Shift your FOCUS from profitability and productivity to PEOPLE and EMOTIONS. Create strong RELATIONSHIPS and learn how to maintain them.

Lead from the Heart

Develop new habits of LISTENING to others, express EMPATHY, control your EMOTIONS and by doing so, experience the miracle of LEADING from the heart.

Transform your Life

Become READY to make CHANGES. Open your HEART and MIND and get ready to experience living your LIFE to the fullest. 

Coaching with me

Are you struggling to turn a dream into a clear vision?

Do you have a challenge that seams impossible right now?

Do you feel you are holding back from achieving your goals?

If the answer is “YES” let’s talk.

We all go through times when we realize we are stuck or  when we feel we are going in circles. You recognized it and you are ready to make a change. 

Coaching with me will create a life changing experience, a transformation which will put you on the path to success. Are you ready to start your journey of transformation? 

Coaching Programs

The HeART of Listening

Leading Self

Created for women leaders and aspriring learders, this coaching program aims to increase leadership competencies such as active listening, executive presence and stakeholder management. You will experience how listening to yourself and others increases confidence, connection and follerwship. 

The HeART of Partnership

Leader Coaching


Team Evaluation

Created with Leaders and teams in mind, this program aims at increasing effectiveness of work relationships by navigating through difficulties of everyday working life and finding sustainable solutions by turning average relationships into valuable partnerships.

The A-list Program

Leaders Group Coaching

Carefully crafted for leaders with with Great Minds, Big Hearts and an Infinite Mindset. This special program aims to create a community of               A-mazing people who will be shaping the leadership of tomorrow through their actions today, maximizing the Ripple of Impact (ROI) in their organizations.

Inspiring Women Peer Coaching Program

Aimed at women, strong contributors in their roles, wanting to consolidate their roles or move on to the next level, this virtual coaching program unites an intimate group of participants from
different leading organisations in various industries.  

The program includes 7 group sessions and 1 individual coaching session.

All participants will get their own confidential EQ report, which will form the foundation of their individual and group development.  

Do you want to stretch outside of their comfort zone to step up to the next level? 


Connect to your mind

Your mind is your grates power. Learn to use it wisely. What you think you will become. 


Listen to your heart

Your heart knows things your mind cannot explain. Connect to the deep wisdom within. 


Trust your gut

Your gut gives voice to your inner-wisdom. Acknowledge it fully and follow your instinct.

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